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How it works:            Please look around the page and contact me by email:    Mh-photography@gmx.net    or call me at:    001 972 533 8971

                                    Let me know when, what you want to see / experience, and how many people.

                                    Usually we meet -  so you get a feeling who will accompany you.

Every trip is as individual as you like it, so the advice and the price are very individual too.

A maximum of 2 motorhomes will go * on the road * with me, these can accommodate 1- 4  people depending on the size of the motorhome.

For your orientation:

                                                                             I offer:           -  Solo - Women Travel / Mom - Kid Travel

                                                                                                                -   Girlfriends Travel             2 or more women who know each other and share the same interests

                                                                                                                -   Small Group Travel         Wedding Trips, Anniversary Trips, Couple Trips, Photography Trips

Women-Singles / Girlfriend /  Mom-Kid Trips:

Women on the go - alone or in pairs? For women -alone- it is often not that easy, be it because of language barriers, the feeling of traveling solo as a woman around the country.

In the evening, going solo to a restauran - you have a disability, a handicap or other reasons. Have long wanted to experience the feeling of limitless freedom but did't know how?

You are single, have so many dreams, the kids are out of the house, or just ready to travel with Mom -  but you dare going alone? You want to be a guest and not a tourist?

Just have time for yourself ? You just want to relax in beautiful places, or get in contact with the local people?  

On my Travels, which are frequently booked by women traveling alone, special emphasis is placed on individuality, authentic encounters with the population, culture and nature.

These encounters lead to exciting conversations and unparalleled insights into a culture and traditions that are so different from the known ones. With me, single mom's with their child spending a safe, wonderful, relaxed holiday where you discover the world together - and that apart from the usual package deals. (everything else in personal conversation)

Small Group /  Couple Trips:

Wedding / Honeymoon / Anniversary Trips:

Imagen, having your own professional photographer on the honeymoon document your dream trip! At the same time you will have all the time in the world for yourself.

Finally, I can design a fantastic album for you (if you wish), which could be printed in the world famous Printing Lab in Italy


Photo Trips:

You want to learn about photography? I show you places you don't find in every travel guide. You are a beginner or a professional ?

I take you to places in this country of your choice, teach you or take photographs of you !

Each photograph on this website was taken by me, more works and information about me can be found here: mh-photography.info


You rent a motorhome suitable for you (I am available for advice at any time)

On request, and if we know where you want to start, I will send you various rental addresses.

I help you with the Visa / Esta application, as well as questions about currency, phone calls, electricity and all other issues (if you are from outside of the Untied States)

Since I've been traveling in this country for 20 years, I'm very knowledgeable.

Prices: (The fee for my travel guide, companion)

- Daily rate: 450 dollar - 600 dollar  per Camper Van

- Package travel: 16 days from 6000 dollar, for longer trips there is discount in proportion

- 50% are to be paid on booking, the rest 14 days prior our Trip.

Services  included :

- Excursions Activities and sightseeing tours, city tours and orientation assistance, all entries in National Parks, 24 hours care and help with all queried questions

- Dinner on the first and last day of your dream trip.  Basic equipment for the camper like: towels, pot, dishes ...

Services not included:

- International flights (can be booked through me)

- Gas, fee for campgrounds and rent for the motorhome

- Not mentioned meals and drinks

- Optional excursions and activities on your own if you want to do something alone

- Travel insurance,  - Personal expenses, gratuities,  - Airport transfers

If you have a handicap, you may be eligible for financial support. Information can be obtained from the health insurance, or

Please read here : (german custumors only) but please inform yourself at the insurance of your home country.

                                      FINANZIELLE UNTERSTÜTZUNG       (in german)

                                     USA REISE FÜR MENSCHEN MIT BEHINDERUNG      (in german)

Cancellation insurance for individual travel?

When booking your individual trip, you can also book a travel cancellation insurance, further information here: CANCELLATION INCURANCE  (there are many companies out there)

For your individual vacation a cancellation insurance is recommended in any case. There is a distinction between:

  - Travel cancellation insurance for a trip     - One year policy


A cancellation insurance is only valid until the start of your trip. The cancellation of the trip (for example due to illness) is not automatically insured!

I recommend you to insure also the Trip interruption.  Some Incurance Companies offer a package with every insurance included.

Detailed information on this during our conversation, and always on demand.

Get away..... get closer

Margit Haegele Travel /Photography


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more information about my wedding - and more photography:


Unfortunately, I can not list every last detail here ...... all further questions and details will be discuss in a personal interview for privacy reasons


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YOUR individual USA TRIP, you won't find a second time!

how it works:  we talk - we meet - we plan - we travel

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