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Hello! I'm Margit (or Maeggi, as many call me)

I would like to introduce myself, so you know with whom you will realize your dream trip!

Born and raised in southern Germany, i grew up with 4 siblings and everlasting friendships that accompany me to this day!

In my first profession, as a studied social worker, I worked for many years in youth community activity centers in Germany, Göppingen and Ravensburg.

During this time, traveling became more and more my passion. I wanted to share my experiences of all the beauty with the world,

the feeling of freedom, so more and more I grabbed the camera and the writing pad.

From my biography:

"Through years of travel and photography, I have an extensive experience and resources, acquired an immense variate of

photographs of people, cities, different cultures and landscapes from - Italy, France, former Yugoslavia, England,

Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Czech Republic, North Africa, and Mexico.

I lived for a total of 1 year in Madagascar, 3 months in New Zealand, 6 months in Australia and I have been traveling to America again and again for 20 years.

In 1996 I bought my first RV and spent 2 years between 1996 and 1998 traveling around the world by myself.

After this journey i went back to work and study again to Germany.

In 2001, i turned my passion for photography into a second profession. I graduated from the Lazi Academy in Esslingen with an award. "

Many years of work and travel in America followed, a never-to-be-ending fascination for the vastness, the native americans, the people and landscapes, the feeling of unlimited freedom, that can only be experienced in a RV, until 2013 a fatal hit put everything in question. I was diagnosed with colon cancer.

I remember exactly how, after 2 surgery, a long rehab, a colon stoma, the first time i was on the road in my RV again.

The incredible need to know, to experience that I can continue to travel, to be able to live independently, was the biggest thing for me.  And I did it!

It is therefore also a great desire for me to motivate people who have lost the courage through a stroke of fate,

afraid to venture alone on a journey, but ...... I will guide and accompany you.

Get away..... get closer

Margit Haegele Travel /Photography


Margit Hägele


email: mh-photography@gmx.net  


phone:   D: (49) 0157.8829.7967              Usa: (001) 972.533.8971



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Why am I the qualified travel companion for you?

- For over 20 years I travel solo / alone as a woman, so I know where we /woman can move safely and freely and where better not

  - I am very familiar with the customs, formalities and regulations of this country

- I'm a passionate cook, so we're always well cared for even in abounded places

- For years, friends and acquaintances who travel to the USA ask me for advise, in choosing routes and places you can't find

  in most Travel guides (Americans also like to be advised by me)

- I know, for example where we can get the cheapest fuel from east to west, north to south, where are fancy restaurants, attractions, etc

- Through the passion for photography and traveling, over the years i found many beautiful places, far away from the usual tourists

   Attractions that can only be reached with a ' small camper Van '

- Through my interest in cultures, over years i have developed close friendly relations with native Americans (Indians),

  learned a lot about the fascinating colorful festivals, traditions and dances, which i happily share with you.

- My love of art, the urge to understand what has inspired diverse artists in their work, brought me, for example, to every place

  Georgia O'Keeffe has worked and lived, (the most famous American artist of the 20th century) I visited many places  Ansel Adams

  has photographed, have visited over the years hundreds of places with "Stone Age rock art" (prehistoric rock art, petroglyphs,

  cave houses of the indigenous people / Anasazi culture ect

- I know (often by accident and because I like to plan as little as possible), the most beautiful places to relax and rest,

which we can approach spontaneously to to stay overnight

You want more information? Please contact me, I can call you back  (please indicate best time)

YOUR individual USA TRIP, you won't find a second time!

how it works:  we talk - we meet - we plan - we travel